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8x13 and more interview with Ben Edlund

Supernatural has opened a new chapter of magic by introducing the "Men of Letters" legacy that Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) should have been born into, had their paternal grandfather not perished in the future before being able to teach his son, their father, the ways. And continuing down that road of dealing with new magic and learning new things about the world of the supernatural, Dean and Sam are next stumbling onto a case that deals with a Nazi necromancer.

"Necromancy as a rule, one way or the other, is the darkest form of magic you can use, and in this case it is something that the ful are working on to try and wed death for their own purposes. It's like a self-empowerment as much as anything else. In this situation, it allows us to kind of create a new species of undead critter," Ben Edlund said during a conference call with the press earlier this morning.

"It gives us this new species of rigid critter who happens to be a Nazi, so you can especially kick them in the face, no offense to-- well, I guess you don't really have to worry about offending them!"

In "Everybody Hates Hitler," Sam and Dean investigate the death of a Rabbi (guest star Hal Linden), who was researching Nazi Necromancers. The case turns extra weird when the Winchesters are attacked by a Golem who turns out to belong to the Rabbi’s grandson, but though he should also be a Rabbi, the guy is far from Orthodox and doesn't know how to control this Golem. Edlund pointed out that there is ample room for humor here, and not only because the Golem towers over Sam and Dean.

"It lends itself to some of my favorite kind of writing, and the boys dealing with this new comedy team get to be kind of comedic themselves. It's got a higher comedy potential than the last handful of scripts I've done," Edlund said of the episode.

Supernatural has dealt with bringing people back from the dead before, and we all know how Sam and Dean feel about that. Edlund confirmed that because they are the Winchesters, and what they do is fight these terrible, supernatural things, they look at this like any other job and work out how to fight the Golem in the episode. But it is worth noting that what they learn throughout the episode won't just be for one-off fight; the knowledge they are gaining through research into the "Men of Letters" and this deeper magic in general should serve them well as episodes go on, and they have to deal with the tablets head-on.

"In fact, the way they get to the case comes from [this]," Edlund said.

"Sam's really excited that they're in this place, and he's very, very jazzed about this wealth of information and library there and everything that comes from inheriting the "Men of Letters" headquarters. Dean is a little less, sort of, geeked out in that regard and kind of points out that all of the information kind of terminates in 1958, so how it relates to the present day is a mystery to him in a sense, but then the case actually stems from what they learn by going over the files. Sam is kind of connecting the dots on what is relevant today and gets a hit on something that draws them to the case that they wouldn't have otherwise pursued."

Since this is an inheritance from their grandfather, it is not something to be taken lightly, and Sam "kind of views it as a break in the whole of their quest" but is also "starry-eyed" and studious about it, the way he was at Stanford. Dean, on the other hand, may still be a bit more skeptical considering he grew up one of those hunters that just didn't believe secret societies like this existed. Edlund compared it to the myth of Bigfoot-- something which the hunters on Supernatural are always saying just flat-out is not real. But clearly, these societies have just done a really, really good job of staying hidden. Now faced with proof, it opens up a lot of other possibilities and information for the boys.

"They needed so much of what comes from this. It bolsters, overall, the need in their pursuit of their goal for the season, and [Sam] feels strongly that things will come from this," Edlund continued.

"Basically, it, for him, represents a kind of well that he wants to get to know because he feels convinced that it will actually give them leads and information because in the history of the Winchesters, they've had the myths of secret societies but very few or almost no contact...and they are a huge corridor of occult studies. For Sam, it's like 'We found it! This is a huge, important thing that's going to add up and give us tools to fight the enemies we are courting this season.' I will go ahead and say it doesn't directly affect the tablet story but it builds in on their story as time passes."


Some more here and here. Will edit with more articles from other sites if they come out.
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