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Jensen interview + Jared interview

Things are about to get really intense on "Supernatural." Now that Sam and Dean have put Amelia and Benny, respectively, behind them, the show is gaining momentum and hurtling toward yet another epic battle between good and evil.

But when we visited Jensen Ackles on set last week, before we got to talking about the drama to come... we had to revisit the closing scene in "LARP and the Real Girl." We just had to.

In real life, Ackles is a little more reserved than his character -- so parading around as William Wallace in lace-up boots in front of a field full of extras wasn't exactly his favorite day on set. "There may have been a flask hidden in my costume somewhere," he jokes.

The best part? The long wig was his idea -- sort of. "Not really my idea -- it was more of a joke. It was more of a joke that was taken the wrong way," he tells us.

He put the wig on for fun when he found it in the hair and makeup trailer, and he was shocked when Executive Producer Bob Singer told him to keep it on.

"It's the only time in my life I've had longer hair than Jared," he laments. But as it turned out, the hair was the least of his worries; watch our video below for a fun little preview of what's coming on the Season 8 blooper reel.

We shot the video interview in Dean's new bedroom, which isn't any fancier than their usual motel digs, but does have a pretty snazzy weapon rack on the wall and Dean's very own record player. In fact, the props department had removed some of the cooler records from the set -- in fear that Jensen might steal them, he teased. The bedroom set is part of the extraordinary Men of Letters bunker that was revealed in last week's episode, but don't worry, Impala fans. Even though the Winchesters now have a "batcave," stocked with new weapons and new information, the show is still about being on the road.

"When the car went down during the Sera years, I think that hit really hard," says Ackles. I know it effected me. I was complaining. I'm not one to complain about stuff, I'm not like 'Sam has more lines than Dean!' I could care less ... but the car is back, and the car is something that I was like 'Listen, guys, seriously.' I think when Jeremy [Carver] came in, he was like 'Why is the car...?' The car is an essential part of the show and it will continue to be."

Video @Source

Over the last few episodes, "Supernatural" has delivered some major shifts to the story's mythology, giving the Winchesters a new perspective on their family history and, for the first time, a home to call their own. In tonight's episode, "Trial and Error," there are more significant developments as Sam and Dean argue over who will complete a set of tests that will lead to information about closing the gates of hell.

Spoiler alert: Sam wins that particular battle. And in doing so, he may lose the war.

We sat down with Jared Padalecki on set this week to discuss how the trials would impact Sam -- and suffice to say, it's not going to be pretty. "It's like a consumption," Padalecki says. "Like he's having Tuberculosis type [symptoms], hacking up blood and kind of trying to hide it from his brother. Nasty, but kind of cool."

For the first time, Sam and Dean seem to have a light at the end of the tunnel, at least when it comes to demons. "There is no finish line, but it is a finish line," he says. "If they accomplish these trials, they can shut the gates of hell forever and keep demons out of earth, so they really want to do it. It's not easy, and it seems like something that could kill either one or both of the boys, but it's worth the trade-off in their opinion."

Things will definitely get ugly for Sam as the trials take a physical toll on him -- which is convenient, since Padalecki isn't exactly in fighting shape himself after taking a fall on the ski slopes over his holiday vacation. He's still nursing a broken rib.

"I'm concerned, as an actor, of what these trials are going to do to my character," Padalecki admits. "It's going to get pretty taxing ... He's starting to lose some of his physical prowess as well. Today we're doing a fight where Sam is really getting beat down because he's kind of lost a step ... so I'm concerned about how beat down Sam's going to get."

Check out our video interview below for much, much more from Jared -- including some discussion of Sam's love life, his dialogue with the show's writers, and yes... that tweet he sent about his clothes falling off if he or Jensen Ackles won a People's Choice Award.

Video @Source
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