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Hi y'all! It's is the Dallas Spn Con 2013!

Thanks to all the squeeing fanwarriors out there who spend their time and effort to allow us to live vicariously through their con experiences. Your valiant efforts are much appreciated.

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All contributions welcome.



Meeting Misha by Falling from Thursday
Autograph with Osiric
Meeting Osiric by Kripke is my King
Talking with Jared by Soulstumped
Autograph with Misha by Malevolentmango
Autograph with Jensen by Kashoku
Meeting with MarkP at the Cocktail Party by Wincestdemon
Leading a troll!Misha appreciation Life by Hannah Brokaw
Kerry’s Super Awesome Cocktail Experience by Fructoselollipop
To those wondering about the pig by Fructoselollipop

Richard Speight Jr. & Rob Benedict
Pics: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

Rob imitates @dicksp8jr doing interviews at comic con and talking so loud everyone held their ears lol
Rob says @OsricChau is already putting on his costume. It might involve a dress. Taking a page from @mattcohen4real?
Awww @RobBenedict and @dicksp8jr are sharing a drink :)
Describing @RobBenedict in his pajamas and a hilarious room service debacle. Omg lol
We stay under an alias here which is like Lol, who am I? Richard: mine is Phil McCrevice :)
Richard made Rob check in under Heywood Jablomee. And poor Rob did it!
Richard to Rob: I didn't think you'd actually do it!
Rob: we were in Europe together. Richard: doing what two guys do there...making out... Adam: hubba hubba.
Richard didn't want to share a big bed w Rob in Rome. Rob: are you uncomfortable with ur manhood? Richard: no, with yours.
Apparently Richard didn't move a muscle all night. In the big bed. Rob: you've got issues. Richard: back at ya.
Fans: will either of your characters be back on SPN? Richard: If we were we couldn't tell you anyway...
Rob fanboys Matthew Modine. Richard: you two should share a bed in Milan.
Luckily Matthew Modine's daughter is a huge #spn fan, so she fanboyed him while Rob fanboyed her father.
How would Rob like Chuck to return? Rob: back at the typewriter...and he types 'miss me?'
One of the #spn crew guys first told him that Chuck was god. Later Kripke confirmed it, but left it open to interpretation.
Rob is imitating @dicksp8jr filming the casa erotica scene.
Fan: what's your funniest fan moment? Rob: you can have your way with me in photo ops. Fan: yes!!
Fan asks who else on #spn he'd like to be. Rob: Castiel awww
There's a huge feedback sound from the mike. Richard: that's the mating call of @jarpad hahahaha
Rob is an over sharer apparently. Fans: yeah, we're pretty okay with that.
Richard on Emily Perkins: she is so wonderfully dirty! Rob: when I'm around her, I turn into Chuck.
Kripke to Richard: don't panic, you're not dead on #spn. Richard: that was 5 years ago!! Fans: damn.
Rob and Richard are grateful for the great arcs they got on #spn
Acting is Rob's profession; music keeps him sane.
Fan gives @RobBenedict ques to 8 ball Jesus. Rob: I so thought that was something else.
Rob describes #spn: Jared makes fart noises and then they say action and he's possessed by a demon.
Richard filming trickster eating candy watching Jensen getting tossed around was apparently too much candy.
Rob every time Richard is talking a lot: all I heard was blahblahblah bandodbrothers.

Rick Worthy
Pics:x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

Rick leaves a message for a fan too ill to come to #DallasCon
Rick is hugging half the audience. The audience approves.
Rick's alias for registration was barney rubble. Desk guy: you're kidding, right?
Fan teaches Rick to 2 step and says she can lead. Fan: all women lead in Texas. Rock: I'm moving here
Drinking purple nurples from a bucket. Yep, this is an #spn con :)
Rick is answering questions in @sebroche voice. Uh oh.
Rick had worked with Jensen on dark angel and with Jared on a pilot before he got #spn
Rick: Jared was a gangly kid. Now he's a man! With muscles. Fans: really?? ;)
Jared greeted him first day on set with a hug and a "its so effin good to see you, man". Spoiled him for all other shows
Rick playing cards against humanity: what did Sam get dean for Christmas? Fan: intimacy issues. Us: that's our show :)
Rick thinks alpha vamp should die like Darth Vader. Not a cheap death and not too quick. Epic!
One of Rick's first jobs was for star trek directed by Jonathan frakes

Osric Chau
Vids: x. Pics: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

We seriously love @OsricChau for his cosplay and how fannish he's never afraid to be
Osric had a bday party in china at Fatburger and someone brought a 'boobie cake'. Why do I think this was probably hilarious??
What did misha think of osric's Cas cosplay for GISHWHES? He's not sure he wants to find out...
Osric had to cut his hair very short for Halo, and was worried. Producers said we want all of you to be able to work.
Cutting Kevin's hair short was a help for showing the evolution of the character.
Fan: you look better in a dress than I do. Awww
Fan: who on #spn would be your dad? Osric: Crowley. Actually @Mark_Sheppard
The boys schedule an hour every day for just fooling around. Hahahaha. We don't find this hard to believe
Osric and Jensen trying to finish last scene of the day. Jared is stroking his leg with his foot and he couldn't not laugh
Osric studied martial arts for 6 months in china super seriously. Then got a film role as a stunt man. Handy for #spn :)
Fan: great legs. Osric: it's the boots. Lol
Osric would love to cosplay Goku :)
Osric would love to deliver the word of god to sam and dean like this as the princess. His imitation is friggen adorable :)
Fan: are you as pissed as us about mama tran being killed and we didn't see it? Osric: well others 2 ways to look at that....
Fans loved osric's live tweeting of #spn. Osric: this show changed my life and I want to watch it seriously
Osric and Jared play video games on set :)
Fan to @OsricChau : have you tried to get other cast into cosplay? Osric: lol.
Osric's audition for #spn cost him so much money for flight that he put his all into it and it paid off
Fan: fave fandom? Osric: you guys. Awwww
Osric's fave show is south park. Loves the social commentary.
How would Kevin die? Osric: for maximum impact, let's have Sam do it. Fans: NOOOO!
Osric: then Kevin could come back as Sam and deans conscience. "Don't eat the pie!"
Fan: who wears a skirt better, you or @mattcohen4real ?
[Spoiler (click to open)]Fan asks about Kevin getting a love interest. Osric: I spend most of my time in the basement with Crowley...
Osric soaked Jared with the super soaker. Then Jared sprayed brad in the crotch.
Osric: yes, Kevin tran started off as a stereotype, but....
Osric signs the banner. Looking good from any angle :)

Karoke Party with Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen, joined by Rick Worthy, Oscric Chau, and Rob Benedict.
Vids:x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x. Pics: x, x, x.

dallascon6 dallascon 6

Richard Speight, Jr. & Matt Cohen
Vids: x. Pics: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

tumblr: kripke-is-my-king
“Y’all have a great Sunday. I will masturbate to Sam’s bitchface later.”
— Actual thing Matt Cohen just said.
God bless Cards Against Humanity.

tumblr: fructoselollipop
“I just threw money at you, now take off your shirt.”

Matt put tee shirts down his pants then gave them to Richard to rub on his face. As you do.
And of course the fans were in on it the whole time. Matt: maybe I shouldn't. Fans: do it!!!
Richard: when fans cosplay Cas, it looks like the feds have invaded the building. Lol
Richard: but where's your stubble? Fan: I'm a female.
Richard: this is how it's done. Stubble!
Matt and Richard just turned the panel over to their cosplayers
Richard: slightly taller than the real Rob, but...
Richard: I feel like Dean would have washed the trenchcoat for Cas. Fan: it was in the trunk.
Matt to cosplayers: did you ever think about the dialogue from the POV of the car? Also omg you're so hot!!
Richard: matt hugs everyone. Matt: Richard rolled over in my bed last night and asked for a hug. Know what I said? Little spoon
Richard on wearing Jensen's shorts: the costume dept wants them back, but I've worn it at 3 cons without washing it. Fans: eww
Matt: let's wash them with your sweat and Jensen's and sell them as a Spackle! Lo
Richard: that's what Jensen and my baby would smell like. Matt: and it would be short with great lips.
Richard acts out being falling down drunk with Johnny Knoxville. Hysterical.
Law in Texas: illegal to milk another persons cow. Richard: sounds like a good idea
Richard and matt have decided we:'re all lawbreakers in Texas. Are about to pat fans down. Fans: ready
What would Gabriel do to prank Sam and dean if he came back? Richard: my spirit animal is an otter.
Matt: its illegal in tax to possess realistic dildos. Richard: ladies, you're all under arrest.
Matt: so women and men, no more realistic flesh colored pleasure pieces.
Felony charge for owning more than six of them too. Richard: once again, you're all under arrest. Especially you, sir.
Richard: probable cause to search someone's home: you look very satisfied, ma'am
Favorite karaoke moment? Matt and Richard: the nj con when we broke the mold to do it our way
Fan: can I have a hug? Richard: Matt, hug the woman.
Richard: because Jared and Jensen are cool, that means everyone on set has a good time. Awww
Richard: who here is a Cas girl? Matt: holds his ears.
Matt on doing a serious scene with jared : he didn't goof off, he was THERE and hit it and we got it in one take.
Matt gets a touched by Castiel shirt. Matt: I was.
Matt changes into the shirt backstage. Richard: omg those pecs!
Mark Sheppard is in the question line

Mark Sheppard & James Patrick Stuart
Vids: x. Pics: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

tumblr: wincestdemon
James: So there was a fin on this side, and one on the other side, and I just thought "I should bite that fin." Cause who bites a great white shark's fin?! And the guy driving the boast looked at me and just said, "no."

Fan: Hey Mark, I've been watching you for years and years-
Mark: Well stop it, it's disturbing.

tumblr: malevolentmango
James: Dick's death sequence
James: The fall of my dick
James: My dick went down
James and Mark: dickdickdickdick

Fan to mark: do you like dick? Mark: I like my dick ;)
Mark: #spn is a special place to be. You couldn't be in a nicer place if you wanted to.
Check out @japastu on Castle in October :)
Mark: but the big one on #spn just shakes me. James: there's the big one and then there's the skyscraper.
Mark: the most intense scene to do was the s8 finale. But I can lean back and know these people have got your back.
James: most difficult scene was torturing Kevin's mom. Mark: she kept saying 'douche' when she hit me in the face!
Jared after that scene comes in and yells "BAG!".
Mark: we spent so much time trying to insult Jared, and what stuck? Fans: MOOSE!
James singing 'you're never fully dressed without a smile"
Mark: I like when we let Crowley get physical. Fans: oh yeah
Fan: mark, you've been in so many sci fi shows. James: what HAVENT you been in??
Mark: I'm on white collar with the prettiest man in the world. Even Jensen says so. Matt Bomer is totally my man crush
James was on battlestar Galactica in 5th grade. Mark: you were so cute.
Mark still is awed when he speaks about the paramount lot and the first time he recognized a set from movies he loved.
Mark: the daily fight for actors is to try not to get desperate. Its a rejection based job.
James: we all got into this because we want to be liked. I meditate after auditions.
James: dick would have a pet great white shark. Mark: in a small bottle.
James would like to play a king. Mark just points to himself and looks smug.
Mark: the first time I saw @jarpad s body was photos from Brazil. I didn't know he had that going on under there. Fans: we did :)
Mark has loved Dr who since he was a kid. Was thrilled to be on it
Mark and James talk about how great it is to work with people who r passionate about 'making the magic'


Misha Collins & Mark Pellegrino
Vids: x, x, x, x. Pics: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

@ray_hargrove: Fan: “What were Cas & Lucifer like as fetuses?”
Misha & Mark: “Otter.”

Mark: we're auditioning for the village people
Misha stole his outfit from #spn.
Mark would come back to SPN in a speedo and people would see more of the meat suit. Misha: that's a different definition of meat.
Fan: funny moments on s9? Mark: what's funny is that I'm not in it. Fans: awww
[Spoiler (click to open)]Misha couldn't stop laughing in a scene w Jensen last week. Misha: it wasn't fair!
Jensen kept cracking misha up and misha got yelled at. And here misha thought he'd get off easy cuz Jared wasn't there.
Misha explains cooking with west to mark
Mark: Robbie amell on tomorrow people is short compared to Stephen and Jared.
Misha describes GISHWHES. Mark: toast underwear??
Mark: who had jam on their toast underwear? Ewww
Misha loves that NASA took issue with some of the 'sciency stuff'.
Mark is giving Misha ideas for GISHWHES. Wasabi?
Misha would like Cas to develop typing skills now that has human. Mark: you have to have a fallback
Misha: Cas was incompetent as an angel. He's even clumsier as a human. Fans: awww
Fan: misha, what would it be like to hang out with Lucifer? Misha: I feel like I do that every day.
Misha to young fan: how are your grades? Fan: are you my father? Misha: grins.
Misha is named after his mothers boyfriend except its not quite correct. Real name is dmitri
Castiels wings are made of... Misha: paper mâché
Misha's fave things about Cas? The character has changed a lot and kept it interesting
Misha also likes that Cas is a fish out of water and doesn't quite fit in but is trying hared to do good. That resonates w fans.
Advice to aspiring actors: read literature, be patient with yourself
Misha asked chair of university theatre dept about acting. He said "don't!". That actually helped give misha perseverance
Soundtrack of your life? Mark: makes porno music.
Misha: perhaps a lone kazoo? Mark: or porn music played by a lone kazoo...
Least fave thing about Cas? Fans: he wears too many clothes! Misha: I will stage a protest in the writers room. Fans: approve.
Misha and mark check out a photo of @OsricChau in his awesome cosplay outfit
What would they like to keep from set? Misha: everything from craft service. Also one of the trench coats.
Misha: at the end of s1, Jared and Jensen ransacked the wardrobe trailer and took everything that fit
Misha took home comfy socks that 'make love to your feet'. Wardrobe asked for them back
First Cas to be killed off? Leviathan Cas. Then crazy Cas. Then, sadly, regular Cas. All that's left is jimmy and misha..
Then misha would kill jimmy BC he plays him. There!
Misha: Jared probably hogs the bed. Not that I know that. Fans: are you sure? Misha: grins
Where would they put an anti possession tattoo on each other? Fan: assbutt!

dallascon 3

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

Vids: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x. Pics: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

tumblr: electricmonk333
This probably already out there but to reiterate, jensen will sometimes pretend to play his guitar for an imaginary audience standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows in his Vancouver apt overlooking the harbour.

Jensen: unfortunately we didn't bring our pink outfits. Jared: you didn't?
Jared: tom gets jealous when I carry JJ and is like, that's not my smell or my poop! Awww.
JA loved the film treatment of purgatory scenes, over saturated. Wishes they'd do more of that
But hated wearing all the fake blood on his face. Made the mistake of caking it on first episode. Uh oh.
JP: we love it when other hotel guests walk by the door and we're talking about our time in hell or whatever.
Fan: SPN saved my life. JA: its not just us, thanks on behalf of everyone. We're glad you're here.
Jensen did a scene w misha when Cas hadn't seen dean in a while. Jensen kept changing the script to order something hilarious.
Jared likes to throw misha against the wall. Fans: what??
Jensen, you're so hot. Audience: hell yes.
J2 say mark s is less breakable than misha. Hahaha
Jensen introduced Jared to wine. And now they're opening a wine company. Awww
Jensen corrects Jared: that's not what she asked! Lol
Jared: luckily john is dead because it brought the brothers together who didn't have anyone else.
Jensen: Dean has become his own man. He didn't have his father, which allowed him to depend on Sam and made them closer.
Jared's man crush: Hugh Jackman or Eddie vedder. Jensen: for a romantic night? Vedder!
J2 were in a taxidermy store recently and Jared is apparently scared of bears. Jensen's fear? Osric in pink. Lol.
Jensen would pick the impala in a zombie apocalypse. He demonstrates.
Looks right doesn't it? Jensen in a cowboy hat

Tom gets jealous when Jared holds other babies, even JJ.
some slight spoilers

Jensen does the "moving one eye" from the gag reel to Jared to crack him up lol.
Jensen to Jared: "You know I've got your back when you're not there.

Fan asks Jensen to cross his eyes like on the gag reel & he does!
Fan asks something about Instagram. Jensen: "What's Instagram?"
"I'm not going to preface this with anything but Jared & I were in a taxidermy shop recently." -Jensen

Winery is still in early stages but still planned #DallasCon
Next season the brothers have to work together in a way that they didn't sign up for

Jared Padalecki: "This show is about 2 guys who had nothing who teamed up together to make a difference."
Jensen talking about how he loves the brother bond of Sam and Dean!!! #DallasCon Oh Gosh!

Misha just crashed the J2 panel and suddenly there's a baby pig on stage.

Jensen Ackles: There is a pig in my lap. Jared: We are in Texas.

Jensen with a Little Dean!!!!! This is SO CUTE

Rachel Miner
Pics: x.

Pics: x, x, x, x, x, x.

Pics with Fans
x, x, x, x, x, x, x.

dallascon 5dallascon 4
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