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TV Guide SPN 7.16 + 7.20 spoilers, Gamble interview

The Dungeon Master has orchestrated a fun adventure for Supernatural. Geek worlds collide in an upcoming episode when someone from the Whedonverse gets mixed up with the Winchester brothers.

Executive producer Sera Gamble tells exclusively that Felicia Day will guest-star on the April 27 episode titled "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo." "We were so stoked that she agreed to do the episode because we're all fan girls and boys here," Gamble says.

The title is a reference to the bestselling Steig Larsson crime novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and the acclaimed big-screen adaptation of the same name. Like Larsson's protagonist, Day will portray a young woman who's handy with a computer. Day has serious geek cred, not only appearing in numerous Joss Whedon projects such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Dollhouse, but also created, wrote and stars in the original web series The Guild, about a guild of online gamers.

"Felicia plays a girl named Charlie who is sort of a lowly tech working in one of Dick Roman's companies," says Gamble. "She's an amateur computer hacker and unwittingly gets wrapped up in Sam and Dean's problems. It's a classic story of an everyday girl who does not want to be in a whistleblower position."

Dean (Jensen Ackles) has been obsessed this season with getting closer to Dick Roman (James Patrick Stewart), the billionaire who was taken over by the leader of the Leviathans, and Charlie could be the key to getting Dean closer to the corporate giant.

But before that happens, Supernatural returns with an all-new episode Friday (9/8c) that challenges Dean's will power.

"Our boys pick up a crazy case in which a ballerina dances her feet off; her shoes are a cursed object," says Gamble. "There's a lot of pretty famous fairy tales in Western folklore, like 'The Red Shoes,' that are similar. In the case of this cursed object, if you touch the shoes, you become so enamored of them, you just want to put them on. They kind of follow you around until you do, and we see this happen to a couple different people.

"In the course of wrestling them off somebody, Dean does touch them," she continues. "So he starts to get the urge to put them on. It becomes a high-stakes race as to where this cursed object came from, and are there curse boxes they can shove it back into quickly before Dean becomes the next victim."

Will Dean prevail? Or will he also pull on a tutu?

"I don't know if Jensen would want to put one on, as comical as it would seem," says Gamble.

Supernatural airs Fridays at 9/8c on The CW.


When Supernatural executive producer Sera Gamble reminds us during an interview that "Sam and Dean really only have each other going into this end run, and they’re holding each other the best that they can," we know things are about to get really dicey. Honestly, though, how can they not? The brothers are facing a "big bad" unlike any other, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) included. The Leviathans are monsters so terrible they had to be locked away from all of the other monsters, and that alone speaks volumes about the challenge Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have to face (and ultimately overcome) by the end of season seven. But before they can get to that, they have a few more pressing issues at hand like, oh, a pair of cursed ballerina slippers, some "drunken shenanigans," and a little issue with Sam ending up in a psych ward.

"The Leviathan story is definitely going to come to a pretty dramatic head by the end of the season. I think, coming up, we have a pretty good mix of some fun, lighter toned stuff-- definitely ["Out with the Old"] has a lot of fun in it and episode eighteen ["The Born Again Identity" OP: Should be "Party On, Garth"] with the drunken shenanigans is fun, but you know, it’s all fun and games until Sam ends up in an insane asylum! And as usual for us, we kind of intersperse these close-ended episodes with the boys uncovering more about the Leviathans and trying to make some incremental progress with their larger case, if you will," Gamble previewed for LA TV Insider Examiner earlier today.

Dean's drive, ever since Bobby's (Jim Beaver) death has been to take down Dick Roman (special guest star James Patrick Stuart), but perhaps needless to say, he will be side-tracked dealing with his brother's affliction yet again. According to Gamble: "Dean’s drive to find a weak spot with Dick is definitely an on-going thing. The episode where we see Sam end up on the psych ward is such an emergency situation [though] that it causes Dean to really drop everything. It’s a life or death moment for Sam, and [Dean] kind of has to put everything else aside."

But it may be a scenario that Sam brought on himself. Gamble reminded us of the exchange we saw Sam have with his hallucinated version of Lucifer in "Repo Men" and explained that may have cracked the wall in Sam's head just a little bit harder.

"We saw the way that Sam has been interacting [with Lucifer] kind of on a day-to-day. It was ‘I ignore him; I push him to the side’. [It was] a little bit reminiscent of the end of A Beautiful Mind where it’s not like the hallucinations have gone away, he just doesn’t interact with them," she offered. "And then there was that moment where he does choose to interact with Lucifer, and that was a big moment; that was a big change. He kind of let the hallucination in, and when he does that, consequences unfold, and his boundaries and tools stop working."

Gamble promised we will see a lot more of Lucifer before the season's end, and she also admitted that residual effects from Sam's time with him, regardless of how much time he spends in that psych ward, may never fully dissipate. And in turn, that those effects are bound to stick with Dean, as well, in his own guilt and sadness over how things have turned out.

"They always have a good side order of messed up!" Gamble laughed about the Winchesters both. "But I think at their core Sam and Dean are tremendous hunters who can kind of get their crap together and buckle on their weapons and go do what needs to be done...They go through everything you can imagine, and at the end of the day they’ll still go out and save us."

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