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8x10 Spoilers *Stills*

lol dean

Supernatural 8.10 photos: Castiel Returns and Sam Gets an Ultimatum

As usual, the title for the January return episode of Supernatural is pretty indicative of what's going on in the Winchesters' world. "Torn and Frayed" seems particularly appropriate given the fight that Dean and Sam got into in the winter finale over Benny and Dean's fake text to Sam. Now Sam is back in Kermit and is face-to-face with Amelia (who is, despite some fans' theories, very real). And she presents him with a choice: he needs to stay with her or leave her forever. Maybe her newly returned husband Don isn't doing it for her

But have no fear, because the Winchester brothers will be reunited fairly quickly. The mysterious Naomi calls on Castiel with some news: Crowley is holding an angel hostage and Cas needs to rescue him. Naturally, Castiel turns to Dean for help and then he tells the brothers they need to put their differences aside and get down to serious business. Will the brothers finally work out their problems? Will Castiel save the angel? And what, exactly, is Naomi doing to our poor Castiel in the preview for the episode?


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