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8x15 set pics (1/15?), Osric Chau interview

I arrived at the Supernatural set at around 9.30am but they had only just started setting things up for filming. They were filming inside a house, so there wasn’t really much to see going on.
The boys were arrived at around 10.30am and immediately went into wardrobe, hair and make-up before disappearing into their trailers. Jensen and Jared were both suffering with the flu, poor guys.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that they arrived at the house to film their scenes and they were quickly whisked inside by the crew and their bodyguard, Clif. Of course, the Impala was parked on the street for most of the day and so I took the opportunity to get a good look at it. At one point, an additional cast member walked out in a dressing gown. He must have been freezing his nuts off!



Osric Chau returns as Kevin Tran in this week's Supernatural, "Torn and Frayed," and when chatted with him earlier this season, he previewed a bit of what to expect this time around from the prophet.

Kevin was last seen in "A Little Slice of Kevin," which saw Crowley take, well, "a little slice of Kevin" when he cut off one of his fingers. When they catch up with Kevin in episode 810, "it's just a glimpse," Chau said. "Kevin is hard at work." That's just what the sneak peek the CW has released shows. Dean and Castiel turn to him to make more demon TNT, and he's trying to interpret the piece of the tablet he has. "You look horrible," Castiel states, and he's right. Things aren't going so well for Kevin. He knows there's "a long journey" ahead, which Chau says becomes "more apparent" in "Torn and Frayed." "He really figures out what he needs to do and what it takes to get it done," he shared. But this won't be the last you see of him. Chau said that while "it is touch and go," he'll be in at least one more episode.

Even if Kevin is able to translate the tablet and Sam and Dean can do what they need to, Chau doesn't see Kevin (assuming he survives) going back to the life he had before. It "was almost like living in ignorance," he explained. "You don't know anything else, but now you figure out there's all these demons and monsters going around terrorizing people. I don't think you could ever truly go back and just pretend it doesn't exist knowing that people are dying around you, if you could do anything about it anyway. I don't see Kevin as being able to just turn his back on all of it." So what would Kevin do instead? Would he become a hunter? "I don't know whether it's being a hunter or just helping out where he can. I just don't see him being able to just turn it off and just ignore it."

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