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When "Supernatural" returns tonight (March 16) after a brief hiatus, Sam's hallucinations are beginning to get the best of him. As Jared Padalecki told us when we chatted with him in LA early this year, with Lucifer invading his mind, Sam isn't sleeping, and he's experiencing all the human side effects of sleep deprivation.

We've seen brief glimpses of Sam on a gurney in an institution. Back in LA, Jared told us that he wanted the effects to resonate for a while. When we caught up with him in Vancouver a few weeks later, he told us that he wasn't sure just how long Sam would be incapacitated. Episode 17, where Sam is institutionalized (also the episode in which Misha Collins returns as Castiel) gave Jared so much to work on that he didn't even want to read the Episode 18 until 17 was behind him.

"It's one of those episodes, I've had a few of them, like the one in the panic room, and 'Heart' -- there are a few episodes that I've read and they're so Sam-heavy and intense, that I want to really give it its honor and its justice," he told us in the video interview below. "I want to workf on it as hard as I can. I usually try to read forward as much as I can, but in this case I'm just trying to be true to what's going on."

Jared tells us that he hopes Sam doesn't find a miracle cure too quickly, but we can expect Sam to be back on his feet toward the end of the season as the Leviathan story comes to a climax.

It has been one of the most trying seasons for the Winchesters. They've never had many constants in their lives, but this year, the few things they could rely on -- from their friends to their car -- have been taken away from them. Jensen Ackles admits that as shocked as Dean was on-screen by the death of Bobby (Jim Beaver), he was equally caught off-guard behind the scenes.

"I was kind of speechless," he tells us, somber. "I mean, it's not really my place to be part of the conceptual part of the show. That's not what I get paid to do and it's not in my job description, but it was hard for me not to want to pick the phone up and be like 'Are you crazy?!' But you know, at the end of the day, the reason that we're still here nearing 150 episodes is because of that creativity that comes from that writing, so I trust that they know what they're doing and I hope that they find a way to reintegrate the character at some point."

He admits that it was a rough day at the office. "It's tough, especially when you build a relationship not only as a character with another character but as an actor with another actor, and then to have them go away, it's sad. It was a sad day here."

According to Jensen, executive producer Bob Singer, who directed the episode, said it was the most difficult hour of television he'd ever directed. Luckily, Singer told us that he does have plans to bring Beaver back into the fold this season.

If, like us, you've been missing the Impala a whole lot lately -- Jensen feels your pain. "I want everyone to know that that's something that I'm unhappy about!" he laughed. "I've been asking the same question! [The fans] might want to start a petition of some sort."

Luckily, whenever it does return, the car will be seriously souped up. Let's just say that like many Hollywood stars, it's had some work done during its time off-camera.

Watch the video below for more fun tidbits from the guys -- including Jared's thoughts on how the series should end and the wrap party present that's missing from Jensen's contract.


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