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Twitter pics from 8x14 guest star

Hi guys! It's showtime!!!!!.. ;-) Happy Wednesday!!

While driving it started to snow. Stopped the car got out. I felt soft snow flakes in my face.I thought, I'm so happy

Right after showing me the"tinny clap"They showed me this"Super Tinny clap" they use sometimes.I laughed so much

While working on SPN the crew guys showed me this little size clap they use sometimes.. ;-) I thought, wow so tinny..

Here we are getting ready for our scene.. ;-) Horses kept asking for love attention.. ;-)

On set of Supernatural. If you love horses you are going to love this episode.. ;-) They are absolutely stunning..

The locations of our episode were breath taking.

Everything is BIGGER is Supernatural.. ;-)

@TheJimMichaels Preparing a scene with our director Kevin Parks and @jarpad. I had a blast!! ;-)

@TheJimMichaels ACTION! My supernatural episode is airing this coming Wednesday, Feb 13th!! Super excited!!!

@TheJimMichaels Here is #supernatural crew in the middle of December in Canada while shooting our episode. Brrrrrrr

Tags: photos: on-set/behind-the-scenes, season 8 (ex-spoilers), tweets: guests
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